What We Do

We make deep tissue massage tools that help you feel young again by restoring your flexibility and healing your injuries. We teach everything you need to know to recover and maintain healthy tissues on your own, because, when you really need a massage, you need it now — not next Tuesday at 1 PM.

Have muscle or tendon pain in your back, neck, feet, hands or elbows? We can help!

Who We Are

The Massage Track™ tools were invented by Eric who is 45 and has a rare condition which causes tightness in the muscles and connective tissues. This is more than a nuisance for him, but a blessing for you because his body is the perfect sandbox for developing exceptional deep tissue massage tools (what your Physical Therapist might refer to as ‘self-myofascial release tools’).

He created Massage Track for relief when he was really desperate and has used it nearly every day since. He uses it after waking up and often a few more times during the day. After two years of development, Eric launched the Massage Track tools on Kickstarter to a dramatic response from around the world.
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